08 August 2019

Blind tasting : Bourgogne VS. Oregon

10:00 AM / 16 people maximum
45 € Inc.VAT / person

Come and discover our wines from Oregon during a blind tasting of 6 wines comparing Burgundy and Oregon. A fun and relaxed tasting where wrong answers are permitted!

In 1979, a blind wine tasting was organized by a prestigious food and wine magazine and a wine from Oregon came out top against the finest burgundy wines. Robert Drouhin unequivocally understood the potential of the region.

A few years later, he sent his daughter Veronique - winemaker of Maison Joseph Drouhin - to learn and work in the Willamette Valley. She has returned to Oregon every year since then. In 1987, they decided to purchase land used for wheat production in the Dundee Hills (Willamette Valley) and began planting their first vineyards in Oregon: Domaine Drouhin Oregon. In 2013, the new generation bought, further south, a second estate, Roserock, 279 acres in the Eola-Amity Hills (Willamette Valley).

There are a lot of similarities between the two regions even though they are separated by thousands of kilometers. Will you be able to identify them?


Thursday, August 8 at 10:00 AM

The visit/tasting will last approximately 1:30.



Reservations only.

16 pax max per visit.

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